A work in progress drawing of the Once-Ler from The Lorax (2012)
I probably won’t finish this until the end of this week…

( I can most defiantly say that he was one of my favorite parts of the movie. It’s more than just Once-Ler’s looks, his long lanky body, his simply adorable tendencies, and his pimp suit. That certainly helped, admittedly. It was how his character developed through out the movie.
I’m a sucker for good character development.)

(also i’m super nervous to be posting art, first time posting art on tumblr.)

An early anniversary present for my two good friends, Hana and Ash.
I wish you two hundreds more anniversaries <3 



Once-ler knits, plays guitar, sings, dances, draws… he’s bound to paint, right?
omg this is my first fanart post please be gentle ╥﹏╥


So, it was my friend, Ash's birthday on the 21st (http://semii-colon.tumblr.com/ this is his tumblr!)
so, i wanted to draw a scout, knowing that Scout is Ash's favorite class, and red being one of his favorite colors, and plus, the present was late

I hope you like this late present, Ash

--EDIT-- whoops, forgot to add my signature, and sources for the fonts, which was http://www.dafont.com/tf2.font and http://www.dafont.com/tf2-build.font --/EDIT--

so i drew a thing

just a little fore warning, this contains nudity— very mild, but if your offended by that at all, don’t click!

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i drew another thing guys
This wouldn’t be my first TF2 drawing (oh no, not my a long shot. I have at least 5 or 6 other tf2 related drawings in my pictures folder.) This is just the first I’ve finished ;3 
Critiques are greatly appreciated!

apparently i didn’t post this on tumblr? blasphemy

an old gift for a good friend, ash (semii-colon.tumblr.com) he’s a bean— a very cool bean <>

can i just say

i really like gravity falls

so have a dipper ♥

so, i got into teen wolf and i drew some teen wolf. have some sterek ♥

edit: sterek came out a bit too saturated, fixed
(ps ilu all youguys ;_;)